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TBJ240H High Speed Synchronization Dispenser_KEXIN

Material: SUS304
Brand: KEXIN
Model: TBJ240H
Lead Time: 5~30Days
OEM: Yes
Payment: T/T, LC

High Speed Synchronization Dispenser_TBJ240H

Speed: Max speed 240 pcs/msachet length 65mm

      Through the rotary encoder andpackaging machine synchronous operation and synchronous dispense (not dispenserwhen noodle cake empty )

Detection method: Ultrasonictesting package side sealing

Available sachet size: L: 30~100mm, W: 30~90mm, T: 2~15mm

Power supply: SINGLE220V, 50/60HZ, 1.2KW

Equipment dimension : 1020(L)*700(W)*1650(H)mm

Application: suitable for automatic cutting and dispenseof sachets and bags in food, daily necessities, chemical industry, medicine andother industries

Main features

  • Intelligent and efficient: automaticidentification of different specifications and sizes of the sachet and bags,the maximum production speed of 240 packages per minute

  • Simple operation: the machine is alignedwith the cutter position with one key, without mechanical adjustment, so theoperation is very convenient

  • Accurate synchronization: the rotaryencoder and the packaging machine run synchronously, the paddle pushes thematerial, and the front and rear positions can be adjusted at any time withoutstopping the machine, so the dispense is accurate

  • lHealth and safety: machine instead ofmanual feeding, meet the requirements of food health and safety

Main material: SUS304 stainless steel

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