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Pouch Dispenser for bag noodle, automatic high speed sachet dispensing machine TBJ240_KeXin China

Material: SUS304
Brand: KEXIN
Model: TBJ240
Lead Time: 5~30Days
OEM: Yes
Payment: T/T, LC

TBJ240 Pouch Dispenser Machine is high speed automatic dispensing pouch/sachet machine for the bags instant noodles line. It's our popular model used in the instant noodle packing line, this dispensing machine can automatically cutting and putting the flavoring bags suah as oil bags,podwer bags,vegetable bags etc. We export more than 100 sets this dispenser machine to all over the world every year.

Our automatic pouch dispensing machine TBJ240 is very easy to use, just one minute you can operate is skillfully. Our TBJ240 pouch dispenser price is competetive than others,it's very popular in Nepal,India,Bangladesh,Our quality is reliable.Many Thaks to CG Group for purchasing our pouch dispenser machine and pouch layer/loader machin in bulk!

Learn more about bag noodle  pouch dispenser machine please visit Weikipedia‍.


Max Capacity: 240pcs/min

Test Sensor: Ultrasonic

Size for sachet:

  • Length: 40~120mm

  • Width: 30~100mm

  • Thickness: 2~25mm

Power: 220VAC  Single-phase 50/60HZ  1KW

Overall dimension: 750(L)×700(W)×1600(H)mm


Automaticallycutting and dispensing for the linked bags of food, commodity, chemicalindustry, medicine etc.  


  • EfficiencyAutomaticallyfit difference sachet, Automatically feeding, cutting and dispensing, maxcapability 240 pouches per minute;

  • Convenience: Easy to operate and maintain,Just press Feed & Start the dispenser will work automatically;

  • Stability: Detecting by ultrasonic, drivingby dual-servo motor, Assured cutting off and accurately dispensing.

  • Health: Machine feeding to avoid touch foodby hand, complied with hygiene requirements.

Main Material: SUS304

We supply OEM for this kind of pouch/sachet dispenser machine for bag noodles. We also provide Cup_noodle Pouch Dispenser machine. FoShan KeXin Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. welcome friends from all over the world.

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